While we are a new company, we have been working in the recording industry for the better part of two decades. Audio Realm Studios LLC has expansive knowledge and experience with all types of recording situations, including recording bands / solo projects for demos and albums, and providing advertising consult to many local businesses and corporations. Our lead engineer, Kevin Bailey opened up his first studio in 2011. After working in several studios throughout Texas, he had decided that it was time to shift his focus from musician to Engineer. In his previous venture, Kevin recorded several bands, radio commercials, and voiceover projects. Bailey met our studio manager / producer in 2013 when Chase’s band came-in to record their first EP. Chase West majored in Advertising at University of Texas in Austin prior to his studies at Houston Community College in Audio Engineering. At HCC, Chase worked with some of the city’s top engineers to learn the ins and outs of the recording process. Together, the two have created several successful productions; some that have even led to record deals in Nashville. In 2016, the pair travelled to Nashville and worked hand in hand with the professionals at Omnisound Studios on a commercial Ep release. While in Nashville, they were able to hone their craft even more and were consistently releasing radio quality work out of their smaller space. Even though their product was consistent and at industry standards, Kevin and Chase decided to relocate and rebrand in a bigger standalone facility where they had control over the design and acoustical properties of the building to better serve our clients. We are currently booking sessions and looking forward to servicing Ft. Bend and surrounding counties.