Studio Equipment


Studio Equipment


Digidesign C24

Sweetwater CS400 computer

Motu 24 i/o ad convertor

2 Yamaha HS 8 monitors

2 Focusrite octo pre mic pre

2 Golden Age pre 73 mic pre

4 Behringer ultra patch pro patchbay

4 Furman m80x pwr conditioner

Art tube mp studio DI

Livewire DI



1 Urei la 4 vintage

2 Dbx 163 vintage

2 Dbx 160

2 Dbx project 1 266 vintage

Dbx 166 vintage

1 Chameleon Labs 7720 stereo comp

2 Lindell Audio 17xs mk2

1 Art vla stereo comp

1 Joe Meek mc2 stereo comp

Reverb and Delay Units


Digitech DSP128

Roland SD6-1000

Lexicon MX400


2 Aphex 109 parametric

1 Alesis peq-450



Pro tools 10 and 12

Steven Slate everything bundle subscription

UAD octo,solo,duo cards SSL channel,1176 bundle, Puteq bundle, Tonelux tilt, Cambridge eq, Shadow Hills master comp, Ampex ATR 102 mastering tape recorder, Fairchild, Brigade chorus pedal, Fatso jr/sr tape sim and comp, Manley massive passive, Precision de esser, Precision , Precision mix rack collection, Real Verb pro, Roland ce-1, Teletronix la-2a, Teletronix la-3a, Waves silver and gold bundles, Waves API collection, Waves SSL collection, Celemony Melodyne, Sony sound forge 10 mastering software,T racks mix and mastering bundle

Mics & Headphones



Blue Baby Bottle

2 Sterling s30

2 Sterling st31

2 Sterling s50

2 MXL 991

2 MXLl 990

2-matched stereo pair MXL 840

1 MXL 3000

1 Studio Projets T3

1 Blue Spark

Shure sm57

Shure pg48

Audio Technica 2040

3 Audix i5

Audix d4

2 Audix d6

Mojave ma-201 fet


2 Shure srh 240A

AKG k240

AKG k 301

3 Audio Technica ATH m40

Behringer hps3000

Hear Technologies headphone management system



Yamaha stage custom birch kit

Sabian xs medium high hats

Sabian xs splash

Sabian xs medium thin 16" crash

Meinl hcs china

Sabian b8 18" rock crash

Sabian b8 20" ride

Sound Percussion high hat stand

PDP double bass pedal

Mapex single bass pedal

Mapex steel snare




1984 Hammond organ 50th anniv

Williams Rhapsody digital piano

M Audio venom synth

Alesis q25 controller



Fender Vibro Champ

Marshall dsl 100h

Marshall dsl 5c

Vox AC 15

Fender Princeton Chorus 2x12 combo-vintage

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Fender Frontman 212r

Marshall 1960a lead 4x12 cab

Seismic 2x12 cab



Fender Squier Stagemaster

09 Fender Tele Standard

03 Fender thinline Tele 1972 reissue

94 Fender 1967 reissue Strat

94 Fender Strat Squier series

14 Fender Jazzmaster classic player

13 Fender Jaguar classic player

13 Fender am special Strat

14 Fender commemorative Strat

93 Fender am standard Strat

75 Fender Strat vintage

96 Fender 62 reissue Foto Flame Strat

02 Gibson Les Paul Special

Zemaitis Z22QQDGB

Breedlove Black Magic Acoustic/ Electric

1960 vintage japanesse hy-lo guitar-Teisco

Oscar Schmidt by Washburn semi hollow body

Alvarez rf4102c acoustic

Montana mt105-cb acoust

Regal resonator acoust

Rogue mandolin



Line 6 dl4

Vint Ibanez dl10 delay

Vint Danelectro Dan Echo delay

Behringer ultra shift harmonist

Boss tr2 tremelo

Morley volume

TS808 Ibanez reissue

Boss tu2 tuner

Boss ns2 noise suppressor

68 Thomas wah

Dunlop Crybaby wah

Electro Harmonix Big Muff

Danelectro Chili Dog octave

Danelectro Fab chorus

Mini mod fuzzer

Danelectro Cool Cat vibe

Boss ch 1 super chorus

Wampler Triple Wreck