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Customer Reviews

Professional and efficient. Customer comes first.

Jalen Flowers

I was at work one day and managed to luckily stumble upon Audio Realm through Google which led me here. I went on a limb and had little to no expectations about what would come out of it.
Right off the bat, the conversation we had made me incredibly optimistic. They have the experience and knowledge that we were seeking. We took a tour of the studio which only heightened our excitement. It didn't take long for us in the band to make a decision; we found our guys.
As I write this review, we are still working with them - recording our debut EP. Each session has been better than its predecessor. Not only are these guys skillful pros, but they are fun to work with! There's an incredible blend of professionalism and humor/banter, which I believe is VERY IMPORTANT in the studio environment due to the difficulty and sometimes tedious nature of recording.
If you're looking for experienced pros, then go ahead and message these guys right now. If you're looking for a great studio that produces awesome sounds, this is the place. It's been such a blast working with Chase and Kevin, I can't wait to go back for the next session. On top of that, I can't wait to plan for the next project once this one is done - because we are absolutely coming back!

Jerry M

From the jump I felt at home at Audio Realm Studios. From the recordings, to the actual creative input. I highly recommend you chose these guys for your recording needs. They actually care for their customers. Couldn’t be more proud to call Audio Realm Studios home to the K9 Camp 💯


These guys are awesome. Professional staff & equipment. Friendly & skilled. They helped to get me started in radio. Eternally grateful to them for their help.

Stephen A

I came to this studio to record my third EP and could not have been happier with the service and the great people that are a part of Audio Realm. It was such an awesome experience getting to record music alongside Chase and Kevin; two equally artistic minds that matched the musician insanity. :D The quality of the final project was great and the studio itself is absolutely beautiful. Definitely recommend to any musicians looking to record and affordable new project or single. :)

Sydney B

Best studio in town!!!

Taylor Pellegrin

Very professional. Awesome to work with!

Salinas Adventures

Very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this great studio.

Gabriel Barrera

The guys here are awesome, fun, and professional. They will provide voice over scripts (if needed) to jumpstart your vocal career.

Steve A

Awesome studio, excellent rates, and great staff. Can't wait to record my next album there.

Hannibal Rex

Lay Down Your Tracks Today