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World-Class Recording Services at Your Fingertips

You have a creative vision, and we’re here to help you bring it to life. As you know, the creative process comes with a lot of challenges, but recording your next masterpiece shouldn’t be one of them. Audio Realm Studios makes crystal clear audio recording services available to everyone in the Houston, Texas area who has the inspiration to create. Over the years, we’ve worked with up-and-coming local bands and national acts alike. We record, mix, and master. We can also help you connect with the right musical or voiceover talent. Call us today to get started laying down your next tracks.

The Area’s Go-to Commercial Voiceover Recording Studio

While we can record, mix, and master your band’s new song, you don’t have to be a musician to work with us. The area’s top ad agencies and production companies trust us with their voiceover recordings. You’ve probably seen or heard our commercial work on the radio or TV. We also work with voice actors, on an individual basis, who want to build a portfolio or record their own projects. We mic and mix differently for each project, making sure your voice always shines through.

Collaborate With Our Musicians and Voiceover Actors

Do you need musicians and voiceover actors for your project? Let us help you deliver your message with clarity and confidence by creating music and voiceovers for you. Our studio has a network of musicians who are masters in various instruments and styles of play. On top of that, we have voiceover actors to bring your characters to life. If you need a script, we can even help connect you with a scriptwriter to help sculpt your message. During our first meeting, we’ll go over the additional talent you will need on the day of recording.

We want every artist to be able to record their music. So, the rates for our audio recording services are based on the amount of time you will need in the studio. On top of that, our producers and engineers will mix and master your project for you at a premium rate. All of our rates are based on a two-hour minimum for each session. Our rates are:

  • $550 Per Day: This 10-hour recording session includes everything, including our production services, equipment, and full use of a studio for the entire day.

Industry-Leaders in Video Voiceover Production

While audio is our realm of expertise, we also specialize in video voiceovers like commercials and music videos. If you are recording your own voice, we can sync that up with the video perfectly. If you need help finding a stoic narrator for your video, we can help with that too. Our industry-leading producers and engineers will show you how the pros do it.

Record, Mix, and Master Your Project

Working with the area’s best audio producers and engineers is easier than you might think. We collaborate with artists at all stages of their careers whether they’re recording a demo or their first studio album. No matter who you are, we will work with you from the first take to the final product. Whether you are recording a television commercial or a hit song, it isn’t complete until it goes through three phases of development, which include:

  • Recording: We lay down the tracks in the studio, doing as many takes as we need to get that magical performance on wax.
  • Mixing: A mixing engineer will balance the levels of each instrument with each vocal track, making sure we draw attention to each person’s performance at the right time.
  • Mastering: During the mastering phase, we put the finishing touches on your project. This will include techniques of equalizing, compressing, and stereo enhancement.

We Create Masterpieces!

We record, mix and master audio because we love working with talented artists. Nothing makes us happier than helping someone see their creative vision come to life. Every project in our studio is treated like the masterpiece that it is. We are excited to help you produce the best performance and mix it into a high-fidelity recording for the world to enjoy.

Lay Down Your Tracks Today